Monday, December 23, 2013

Forward to the Past!

See what I did there in the title? It's a Back to the Future reference. But different!

Anyway, hello everyone!

I've got some controversial news for you guys. Basically I want to change a couple of things. You can read a more detailed explanation below, but here's a quick summary:

  • Commissions are cancelled.
  • I'm going to take another break for an unknown amount of time.
  • I'm going to ditch 3ds Max and learn Maya.
  • I want to focus on creating non-erotic work, unrelated to this alias (ellowas). Porn won't be completely off the table, though.
  • As far as WoW-porn is concerned, I will go back to the roots, ditch my new models and work with the original ones again. Will definitely wait for the new character models to be released, though.
  • I will to go back to a more „softcore“ style. Explicit blowjob and penetration shots are what led me to make new models in the first place.
  • I'm going to take another break for an unknown amount of time and commissions are cancelled!

So, what happened?

Basically, I was working away on a commission and was once again being confronted with the limits of my rig and 3ds Max' crappy skinning tools in general.
So I watched a crapload of tutorials about Maya and was convinced that in my case switching would be a good idea.

While watching all these videos, I also realized how much 3d design means to me and that my interest in it is actually genuine and not tied to making porn. I am pretty sure by now that I want to do 3d design for a living. But I have to start taking it more seriously, build a proper portfolio (porn doesn't count) and figure out in what field I want to specialize.

So I'm taking my switch to Maya as an opportunity to start working towards that goal. Initially I was toying with the idea of turning my back on porn for good, but who are we kidding >_>

I also looked back at my work so far and to be honest, I'm not happy with the direction it was heading. I'm glad I tried building my own wow-models from scratch, experiment with realistic lighting and whatnot, but ultimately I liked the original style better.
It worked pretty well for my Bioshock works though, so I may keep that style for some games.

A big SORRY to everyone who was waiting to commission me. I know this comes very unexpected to you, but I've been thinking about this for around two weeks now. Hopefully you guys understand that I had to make this cut somewhere, if I am to go through with my plans.

Have a nice Christmas everyone and enjoy your holidays!

Til we meet again.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Futa and me

Hi everyone,

here goes the next update! This was an image commission by someone who wants to remain anonymous. You may see more of these two some time in the future.

You can download these without the crappy Imgur-compression here.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Commissions and You


I realize I'm a bit (read: very!) slow and vague on communicating more info about commissions.
The thing is, there are more people interested in commissions than I can handle ... first world problems, I know :X
Still, the fact remains that each commissions takes a long time to finish and with lots of people queuing up, it becomes harder to predict when I will be available again. On top of that, people already in the queue may have changed their mind about commissioning me by the time they're up, which is understandable, given the amount of time that passed.

This is a crappy situation for both me and the people waiting for their turn. The way I see it, there are only two options to fix this: either I have to try and be more productive and finish commissions faster or I have to start turning down commissions.
Well, I certainly could be more productive. I often catch myself spending an outrageous amount of time working on stuff, which probably no one even notices. But then again, those may be the things which make my stuff look like they do. Also I actually enjoy that tinkering a lot!
If I decided to start turning down commissions, how should I even go about that? How should I decide which ones to accept, without being unfair?

I am a bit at a loss here and would appreciate your suggestions. One thing I'm definitely taking away from the current batch of commissions is that I'll never accept more than two or three at once again.