Monday, September 14, 2015


Finished the Female Human.
Streamed the entire rigging process and probably will again in the future.

Uncensored version can be downloaded here!

Gotta catch up some rigging stuff on the other characters and then I'll move on to the male Bloodelf.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Progress Update 01

These will become a regular thing now, I think.
You know, regular as in they'll make up two or so of ten posts, I'll make per year :X
  • I've been rigging the female Human and am almost finished with it. The only thing left to do is the upper part of the facial rig. I streamed the entire process as well.
    When streaming was not an option (if I didn't had much time or during ungodly times for the US people), I worked on the things, listed below.
  • Continued modeling work on other races, namely the male Bloodelf.
  • Did a little bit of research and pursued some interesting ideas, two of which I posted on Twitter at the time.
  • One of them is morphing races into other races' shapes.
    I could use this to quickly transfer skin-weights from existing rigs to a new one. This should provide me with a solid starting point and save me some time blocking out weights.
    I could probably take it farther and use it to re-align a bunch of joints.
    I doubt this will work very well on the facial-rig though.
  • The other is a bulging effect. Very simple to do and adds a bit more detail to make things look more natural.
  • OhandImayhavestartedworkingonananimationkaybye!