Saturday, March 16, 2013

Commissions remain closed

I wrote this on Darknest a couple of days ago and forgot to post this here as well, so here goes:

Recently I put some thoughts into commissions and when I should open them. Long story short, they will remain closed for an unknown time.
I'm still in the middle of improving my knowledge on certain topics and there's still a couple of things left for me to do, before I want to focus on commissions. Of course there is always something new to learn and to do, but I have a pretty good idea of the things which I want to work on with top priority right now.
I want to take my time with this to get it right and I can't do that while knowing that there are already people waiting whom I told I'd be ready around March. I may need two months, maybe half a year, maybe longer ... I just can't say for sure right now. So please just consider commissions out of the picture until further notice.
Another thing to note is that when I open commissions again, there will be some changes. Mainly an increase in the prices and restrictions in the form of a one-scene-limit per person rule. Haven't really fleshed out the details yet.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The fourth's coming forth

Here's a quick reskin-commission of the previous scene. Commissions are still closed and will remain closed for some time (I'll post more about that in the next couple of days), but I made an exception for this one, since it was just a matter of swapping textures and making a few adjustments here and there.

The clips can be downloaded here and here.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Third time's the charm

Here goes the last one! Download it here or here.

I'm off to work on something new now, but don't expect another update in the immediate future :|

Just a quick c&p from the Darknest Board:

As I said, this will be the last update for a little while. Next I'll be focusing on getting the bloodelf model finished and see how that works out. Then I'll start looking into an alternative way of animating my models, as I mentioned a couple of pages ago. If all goes well, I should be able to produce better animations and be able to swap races more easily.
You need to understand that until now I was still using the same rigs I used when making my very first animations. I didn't do a very clean job back then and I'm beginning to feel it when animating ... with that Mass Effect animation, past-me already claimed its first victim :|
So yeah, I'll be working on a lot of technical stuff in the next few weeks, which means the next update will take some time and I don't expect there to be a whole lot of exciting WiP shots either.
There are already a few people waiting to commission me, so I'll be working on those right away when I'm done with the stuff mentioned above.