Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DVa D1

D1, get it? No, not Dee-one ... d-one! Like 'done'. Dva done? Anyone? SHUT UP!

Uncensored Download

Anyway, DVa is now finished and ready for animation. Since I now have quite a bunch of characters rigged and ready, I'd like to focus on making animations for a little while, instead of rigging more characters.
After having made a bunch of new stuff, I will set up a Patreon and consider opening Commissions.

Friday, December 11, 2015

DVa progress

Models, textures and shaders for DVa are mostly done. Will move on to rigging now.

Hi-res images: nude, clothed

Monday, November 30, 2015

Ask and ye shall receive!

Actually no, not really. But true in this case!

Here’s the FBX-file of the Widowmaker, I made that animation with. I’m curious to see what people are going to do with it, seeing how many people give me crap for not sharing stuff.


Don’t forget to credit yada yada.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Congratulations, me!

I'm finally back.

Talking about being back for almost half a year is one thing, not having posted any new work since then is another ...

So here it finally is, the first of hopefully many new animations to come.


Sorry for no sound. Started working on it, didn't like where it was going and just couldn't be bothered to go look for new material again. I'll start collecting decent material as I come across it and slowly build a small sound-library to hopefully avoid this happening in the future.

Next up is cleaning up the Widowmaker-rig to share it with Rexx, as per our agreement. I also have to isolate the new deformation-system to reuse it with future rigs.
After that I'm going to start work on D.Va.

I set up a Tumblr as well. This blog will remain my main page though.
The plan is to only post finished works there in order to keep things nice and tidy.

edit: Ugh, totally forgot to credit Rexx. That's how awful a person I am!
HUGE thanks to Rexx for having access to the Overwatch Beta (well done! :p) and more importantly ripping and sharing the models with me and everybody else. Go check his stuff out and give him money. I think he'd like that. I know I would!
And let's not forget about good old Vargh, who also provided others, including me, with Overwatch models.
Thanks you guys!

That's me done!

Enjoy and fap responsibly.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The widow has been made


Widowmaker is rigged and ready for action.

Uncensored version can be downloaded here.

Gonna rig a basic version of Hanzo now and then get animating.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Progress Update 02

It's been a while!™

If you ever get worried about whether or not the earth swallowed me again, just check my Twitter - I frequently post some work in progress stuff and general spam there. On this blog however, I'll only post stuff with a bit more substance ... long posts, new works, that sort of thing. So naturally updates here won't be very frequent.

That being said, here's what happened since the last blog-post:

  • After finishing the female human, I took a month off and worked on some of my sfw-stuff.
  • Finished the male bloodelf.
  • Started the female nightelf, but then ...
  • Overwatch happened! I didn't get into the beta, but Rexx did. I asked him to rip a few of the ingame models, which he kindly did. The ripped models require quite a bit of cleanup and that's what I've been working on since.
  • Started with Widowmaker. Cleaned up the mesh and textures, built the materials, converted everything to quads and built a new nude body from scratch. The model is finished now and ready to be rigged: 

  • I ditched the animation, I teased in the first Progress Update post. Didn't like the pose as much as I thought I would. Here's a render of the 11 frame loop it started out as.

 So what's the game-plan from here?
  • I want to rig Widowmaker, finish one more Overwatch character and then make an animation of both.
  • After finishing the nightelf, I will put new races on the backburner and start putting out WoW-animations.
  • I will set up a tumblr, where I will only post finished works. This blog will remain what I consider my main-page.
  • After releasing a bunch of animations and having settled back in, I will open up commissions and a Patreon.
    I will say for sure that there won't be any exclusive content hidden behind a Patreon-paywall. I want people to support me on their own, not because I offer them some exclusives and alienate the rest. We'll see how it goes ... I'm not completely opposed to incentives though. Polls could be a possibility, albeit a boring one. Maybe a few days time-exclusivity on some stuff? Not liking that one too much though. Just thinking out loud here ... please let me know your thoughts on this, if you have any!

Alright, that's me done! Going back to flipping through Overwatch models, to decide which one to tackle next, now! :X

Monday, September 14, 2015


Finished the Female Human.
Streamed the entire rigging process and probably will again in the future.

Uncensored version can be downloaded here!

Gotta catch up some rigging stuff on the other characters and then I'll move on to the male Bloodelf.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Progress Update 01

These will become a regular thing now, I think.
You know, regular as in they'll make up two or so of ten posts, I'll make per year :X
  • I've been rigging the female Human and am almost finished with it. The only thing left to do is the upper part of the facial rig. I streamed the entire process as well.
    When streaming was not an option (if I didn't had much time or during ungodly times for the US people), I worked on the things, listed below.
  • Continued modeling work on other races, namely the male Bloodelf.
  • Did a little bit of research and pursued some interesting ideas, two of which I posted on Twitter at the time.
  • One of them is morphing races into other races' shapes.
    I could use this to quickly transfer skin-weights from existing rigs to a new one. This should provide me with a solid starting point and save me some time blocking out weights.
    I could probably take it farther and use it to re-align a bunch of joints.
    I doubt this will work very well on the facial-rig though.
  • The other is a bulging effect. Very simple to do and adds a bit more detail to make things look more natural.
  • OhandImayhavestartedworkingonananimationkaybye!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Stream online

Just a heads up that I'm streaming right now.

This is the first and only time I'll post here to announce a stream. Either follow me on Twitter or Picarto to be notified when I stream again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's over

My hiatus, I mean. I'm coming back.

Actually, I've been working on coming back for quite a while now, but posted my progress updates only on Darknest so far.

So here's the gist!

I switched from 3ds Max to Maya, which worked out nicely.
I want to continue making WoW-porn and possibly other games as well.
Before doing any animations, I want a solid set of races rigged and ready to go.
Four races are finished, but I want to finish at least two or three more before animating.
Commissions will happen, but I don't know when and how yet.
Patreon will possibly be a thing at some point.

I'm running out of stuff to write, so here are some videos of my progress. Check out my Youtube-Channel for more. Download-links to uncensored versions are in the video-descriptions.