Commissions FAQ

Commissions are closed!

I'm returning from a two year break. Everything below is outdated and most likely will be changed once things are up and running again.

Please understand that creating 3D animations is a very time consuming task. Spending several dozens of hours of work on a single commission for some pocket money in return is not very desirable.
Although I enjoy my work and mainly do it for fun, there's nothing wrong with asking for a decent compensation for commission work. However, it is because I do this for fun that I don't want to charge what the work hours would actually be worth.
Instead, I think settling with a rather high price range around 200€ (~264US$) per animation would work well for me. This is still too little to consider commissions being lucrative, but enough to make them feel rewarding. Naturally, this will also keep the interest in commissioning me low, which I am okay with.
The full explanation on why I decided to set my prices that high, can be read here

If you have any questions, which are not covered by the FAQ below, please feel free to drop me a mail.

What type of animations can be commissioned?

Pretty simple: Gif-animations
This basically means loopable animations with a couple of seconds play-length. Check the existing animations in my galleries to get an idea of what to expect.

I can also reuse certain, already existing animations with new characters or different angles. Of course, these would then be cheaper than entirely new animations.

In any case, you'll get a watermark-free version of your gif, along with the original video-file. This video-file is NOT a full video with sound or anything ... it's just your gif in better (around 720p) quality.

Some additional notes:
I'm open to animate characters from games other than WoW as well.
Animations don't necessarily have to be of pornographic nature.
If you're interested in commissioning unusual formats like forum avatars and the like, I'm sure we can work something out.
Private commissions are an option. Unlike anonymous commissions, these won't be released to the public. But since receiving feedback is part of the joy, I get from my work, I'll charge more for these.


~200€ (~264US$) for a new animation with two characters.
The final price can be higher or lower than that and depends on things like the characters, the animation, the background, additional customizations etc.
+ ~50€ (~66US$) for additional angles. The final price depends on the scene and whether or not I'll have to do additional animation work.. Render times and background will also influence the price.

~100€ (~132US$) for a remix. The final price heavily depends on the nature of the remix. For example, a simple reskin (like with the Alexstrasza animations) will be a lot cheaper than a complete character swap – especially if I have to model, rig and skin the new character first.

I only accept payments via Paypal.

Things I won't do and other limitations:

I'll work on only one commission per individual at a time. You can order multiple ones, but I most likely won't work on all of them them in a row. That's just to mix things up a little and avoid burning out on a single person's commission.

I won't do vore, male on male (lesbian is fine) and pretty much any extreme fetish.
Futa and beast are kind of on the edge. I'm willing to do it for a price.
Beast races such as Worgen, Pandaren and Tauren are generally fine, though.

Animated cumshots are something I still don't want to do, sorry.

I prefer avoiding penetration closeups, since I've yet to come up with a solution to make it look convincing enough.

I'm interested in commissioning something, how will this run down?

Contact me via e-mail with a rough outline of your commission. 
If I'm interested, I'll ask you to provide more details. The more information I get from you, the better.
When I have a pretty good idea of what you had in mind, I will name the exact price for your commission. After I get word from you that the price is acceptable, I'll start working on setting up your scene.
When that's done and I'm certain that the animation you had in mind can be done, I'll ask you to send the payment via Paypal. As soon as I receive it, I'll begin animating. If you wish, I can then provide you with previews from my work in progress, so you can check if I'm on the right track.

When the animation is finished, you'll receive a watermark-free gif, along with the original video-file. This video-file is NOT a full video with sound or anything ... it's just your gif in better (around 720p) quality.

Also I'll publish a watermarked version of your gif in my galleries. I usually mention the commissioners name as well, so let me know, if you wish to remain anonymous.


  1. I donated $ 80 and you want to see your work

    1. Thanks for the donation!
      I'm not exactly sure if I understand what you are saying though.
      There is no private gallery for donators or anything, if it's that what you mean. Everything I made can be viewed for free - the links to the respective galleries are listed on the right hand side of this blog.

    2. Hey ellowars, sorry to bother you during this busy period but if you have the time, you might do a short video or gif for this character (link here)
      She is quite popular on the internet and i think you could have seen her before. Anyway have a nice day!

  2. can you make a league of legends hentai?

  3. i would like to ask if you attend to do some starcraft 2 hentai

    1. Haven't played LoL or the Sc2 expansion, so I don't have any particular interest in their characters right now, sorry :|

  4. Hey Ellowas, what's your stance on monstergirls? youknow, Naga, succubus, Slime etc. I'm not sure if that fits into the beast aversion you mention in the FAQ.

  5. "I won't do vore, male on male (lesbian is fine) and pretty much any extreme fetish.
    Futa and beast are kind of on the edge. I'm willing to do it for a price.
    Beast races such as Worgen, Pandaren and Tauren are generally fine, though."

    are undead characters from WoW acceptable? or maybe it would be accepted if the undead doesn't haven any kind of gruesome facial features?

  6. I won't do vore, male on male (lesbian is fine) and pretty much any extreme fetish.

    This line... this sentence... OMG. You categorize gay action with "any extreme fetish" BUT you also say LESBIAN is fine.

    I would throw a thousand euros for it without hesitation until I saw this freaky senseless pointless line.

    1. Way to go getting upset about absolutely nothing. That sentence you refer to simply lists the kinds of things I'm not willing to do and doesn't categorize at all. It's not my fault you read god knows what into it and you can't blame me for not wanting to work on male on male porn.
      I am not going to rephrase that sentence and certainly not apologize, because I don't see how this could possibly be offensive to anybody, unless of course you're being overly anal about everything, in which case I wouldn't change it out of principle.

      That being said and to make it absolutely clear: I don't have anything against gay people and I'm not homophobic. I just don't like watching (or working on) gay porn, while on the other hand lesbian porn is a turn on ... I think I share these traits with the majority of straight males.

    2. Please, anything but straight...

    3. I agree with fellow as. I mean sure nothings wrong with it. But if he doesn't like working on it. Why do it? Work is suppose to be something you like to do. I wouldn't spend my time either doing something I didn't like to do. And if your heart isn't in it, it won't turn out the best either.

    4. Ellowas sry lol you gotta love spell check

  7. Oi mate, can ya make me a female pandaren MOD for SFM? i really want one for my animations, if ya can plz tell me so we can talk more about what i have in mind and how expensive its gonna be. ty!!

  8. I'm probably willing to commission something in the future even with the higher price, since you'r insanely talented.
    is it ok to send a email when I have an idea or should I wait for you to open commissions first? sorry if you've answered this alreaddy

    1. You can if you want to, sure. I'm not reserving spots for commissions that way, but I can probably tell you right then if your idea is something I might be interested in doing.

  9. mate. Pleaso do some more Pandaren mate.