Monday, March 21, 2016

Blog discontinued!

I'm on Tumblr now!

I  won't be posting new content on this blog anymore. You'll find that stuff on my Tumblr in the future.
I will continue maintaining this blog though ... fixing broken links, updating any info found there, uploading videos to Google Drive etc. Scratch that, just go to my Tumblr for working links, please.

I should probably explain why :X
Tumblr seems to reach a lot more people than this blog does, which is a huge deal. Apart from the comment section, which I'm going to miss, this blog doesn't seem to have any advantage over Tumblr. Essentially I'd literally have two identical posts on two different sites, which are aimed at the same people ... seems kind of pointless.
And then there's the issue of actually making the posts. The formatting from Tumblr doesn't carry over here, embedding videos is a pain in the butt and only works with videos, I have on my Google Drive, which btw get locked after a certain number of views and ohmylord!

With each update I'm uploading things to seven locations and post on five sites.
I really don't want to add to that, especially if it's redundant.