Friday, March 1, 2013

Third time's the charm

Here goes the last one! Download it here or here.

I'm off to work on something new now, but don't expect another update in the immediate future :|

Just a quick c&p from the Darknest Board:

As I said, this will be the last update for a little while. Next I'll be focusing on getting the bloodelf model finished and see how that works out. Then I'll start looking into an alternative way of animating my models, as I mentioned a couple of pages ago. If all goes well, I should be able to produce better animations and be able to swap races more easily.
You need to understand that until now I was still using the same rigs I used when making my very first animations. I didn't do a very clean job back then and I'm beginning to feel it when animating ... with that Mass Effect animation, past-me already claimed its first victim :|
So yeah, I'll be working on a lot of technical stuff in the next few weeks, which means the next update will take some time and I don't expect there to be a whole lot of exciting WiP shots either.
There are already a few people waiting to commission me, so I'll be working on those right away when I'm done with the stuff mentioned above.


  1. Positively ABSURDLY beautiful work! I'm so glad I found this blog through Dire Lilith's!

    I definitely need to take some pointers from you with my own work! I hope to be getting into animation as soon as possible, and dammit if I don't want it to be as awesome as yours! Keep up the insanely fantastic job!

    If you're curious to see my own work, visit

    Leave a shout if you visit! Sorry for the shameless plug, but you never know what fancies could be tickled!

  2. Thanks! Hearing that from a fellow 3d artist always means a lot, especially one that seems to be what I'd call a professional =)

    1. Professional? You flatter me! I appreciate the high marks, but I have so far to go before earning that prestige!

      You on the other damn!

  3. Ellowas, this is the first time i'm looking at your blog. Sincerely i remember the first videos i saw from you on azerothica if i'm correct. I thought "just another guy that made wow-style animations" even if your clip with the night elf couple (if you see which one it is) was my favorite non-real video of all time.

    And today, my jaw dropped when i saw what you've done with alex,ysera and sylvanas. There are no words to describe it... It's so clean, so realistic, so nice ; I first thought it was a montage with an existing video but i was wrong.

    I'm sure you know auril and her 3d work, i was impressed by her game but your 40-sec only clips brought me more happiness and "omagadery" than several hours of auril's game.

    I'm keeping an eye on your work. You said you can enhance the animations with an alternative way, i don't really know how this could be better than now. If so, you'll blow a lot of people's mind away.

    Sorry for the length of my post, but i can't hold myself when i'm looking at such a beautiful work from an artist that deserves to be "professionaly" rated. See ya Ellowas, and good luck for the future.

  4. This is amazing. You are a legend. I remember when I first saw your draeneis on darknest years ago and I did not think it was possible to improve on that as much as you have here. Great job. I hope you can make money doing this.

  5. could you please reup liks are down :(