Thursday, February 28, 2013


Didn't know there was a preview-/download-limit on Google Drive ... I did a quick search, but it's pretty hard to find any numbers of what that limit actually is. It also seems like each file has its individual limit. Weird. I'll post an alternative link to mediafire as well in the future.

Anyway ... surprise update!

Here's the Google Drive download link and here's the alternative download.


  1. Never seen an ART of this quality... congratulations ello... and thank you! tihs is beautiful! I hope you enjoy making your art as much as we enjoy watching! <3

  2. Best ever seen... Seems you have reached another domain of animation! Very good work!

  3. This was removed from mediafire as a TOS violation.
    It currently works on google but only for a short time since it is a TOS violation and it WILL be removed from there eventually.
    Needs a mega link

    1. Didn't realize there were still mediafire links here, thanks.
      I've updated the gallery-links to the right with a link to my video-folder on Mega.