Saturday, February 23, 2013

Teh faec

Making some progress on the animations and found the time to work on the new bloodelf model some more. It's still far from finished, but I applied a quick texture today just to see where I'm going. In case you're wondering, I haven't made any changes to the hair and eyebrows and the body doesn't have a proper texture yet.

Although it's looking okay for a test-shot, a few of the concerns I had when I started, came true: She's not looking as much like the original character as I'd like her to and as expected, a simple face-swap doesn't work at all, so if I wanted to use a different character, I'd have to make adjustments to the model itself. Especially the latter could prove problematic when it comes to rigging and skinning ... I don't really want to redo those as well, each time I switch characters :|
Anyway, I'll continue and worry about this later.


  1. Leman uploaded his models on the darknest forum, and it's all there, animations, textures, rigging, etc...The models are also HD-ish, so they look amazing.

    Here's a link.

  2. I prefer making my own models now, because there is a slight difference between an original model and something that has been exported from a game or a different 3d package. Without getting too technical, it just makes modifications and certain other tasks much more easy.
    Plus it gives me full control of a character's looks. For instance I'm not a fan of Leman's gigantic breasts.