Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Video to come

Alrighty, a couple of things:
The Mass Effect animation sucks. I didn't do a clean job when preparing everything for animation and now I'm stuck with a mess of unnecessary layers, corrections, counter-animations and on top of that an incredibly slow viewport, which makes it hard to get an idea of the final animation. I may quickly wrap up what I have so far and release the unfinished clip some time, but right now I don't want to bother with it.
No reason to hold the Alexstrasza animation back then. Unfortunately, after everything was rendered, I noticed that the cum was acting all weird ... basically it was glittering ^^" So I made some tweaks and am re-rendering the last part. Once that's finished I'll post the whole clip.
Until then here's a blurry gif =)

Update: Download it here or here.

Been working on the bloodelf some more, made some adjustments to the nose and added realistic ears. I'm curious if your reactions will be the same as with the nose =)


  1. Holy shit! That's the best I've seen you make! And that's a big thing.

  2. Can't seem to view or download it.

  3. hmm cant seem to download it, i seen the complete one and its awesomeness must have it lol.

  4. cant download it.
    please re upload

  5. Hey Ellowas, love your animations. It's sad that this one seems to violate the terms and conditions of google docs. So there is no possibility to download it anymore. Is it possible to reupload it to e.g. mega? Thanks in advance.

  6. The download link is dead, google removed it for being violation of TOS

  7. could back up the animation? does not leave download