Monday, February 18, 2013

Teh belf

The whole cumshot thing is starting to get really frustrating. I'm struggling to find settings that result in a cumshot that looks good, moves as you'd expect, is easily transferable to other scenes and doesn't take like 50+ hours to simulate. I'm making progress, but it's much harder than I thought :|

Anyway, while waiting for the preview-sims, I worked on overhauling my first model. Unlike previous improvements, where I would just work directly on the original model, I now made an entirely new model from scratch. My goal is to create a model that looks like the original one, but simply has more detail. After finishing the rough overall shape, I started with refining the breasts and slowly worked my way upwards. Right now I'm working on the nose ... the rest of the face is still work in progress.

From left to right: the original model - my new model - my new model smoothed out and stuff.
This is fun! =)

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