Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keeping you posted


I'll just drop a quick copy&paste of stuff, I posted in my thread at darknest:

Mediafire finally locked my account, which means pretty much all video-links should be dead now. I still have no idea why, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to take any chances and just dump my stuff on a new account only to find it deleted again. Shame really, I liked mediafire :|
4shared looks great, but it requires a registered account to download stuff, which is a dealbreaker.
One click filehosters usually have a download limit, which is also a no-go.
If anyone knows of a great filehoster, please let me know.

I've been looking at a bunch of tutorials to set up rigs, that ultimately should be easier to animate and, more importantly, be extremely flexible. For instance, applying an existing animation to a new character would be much easier and should look better. I could also create some animation presets to use as a base to work on for future animations, thus greatly increasing productivity. As a bonus, those rigs could easily be exported for use in various game-engines, should I ever feel like creating something interactive.
There's a big downside, though: that rig works very differently than what I'm used to, meaning that the animation-process will be very new to me and I'll need some time to adapt. In my experience, the saying "never touch a running system" usually holds true, but in this case I'm willing to take that risk, seeing how great the advantages are. Commissions will remain closed until I get the hang of those rigs.

I'm making great progress with the Alexstrasza-scene. Except for the faces, all animation is finished. When I'm done with the faces, I'll be working on the cumshot, background and lighting. After that I'll be wrapping up the Mass Effect animation. If by the time that's finished as well, I don't notice any major flaws in any of the scenes, I'll start rendering everything. No ETA at this point, but here's a little preview-shot:

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  1. actually 4shared is really good, cause all u have to do is make an account..takes what 2 minutes? Also you get 15 gb free upload space per account, and u can just keep making accounts with different emails and 4shared is really fast download speed comparred to most sites. did i mention its free? lol. Auril uses it and she puts whole video games on it. Anyway thats just my out take on it. hope that helpped