Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alexstrasza update

The basic animation-outline for the Alexstrasza scene is finished, I suppose. In order to keep me motivated, I don't usually work very long on one aspect of a scene. Instead I keep switching back and forth between animating, modeling, texturing etc ... that's a kind of a weird workflow, but it works for me =)
Anyway, yesterday I spent some time on getting a little more secondary motion into the scene. Basically I ended up with making squishy pillows! :D
Today I made some lighting-tests and finalized Alexstrasza's textures and maps. I mentioned in my previous posts, that I'm now using more advanced materials and I think it shows =) Behold, sweaty Alexstrasza! I also made a comparison shot of the original model.

You can download these as a video-file here in case you want a more detailed view. There's some weird flickering happening on the new hair ... I know what's causing it, but forgot to fix it until after the render was done. The hair isn't finished anyway ... I'm thinking of adding a couple more streaks, cause as it is right now, it doesn't work very well with physics.

That's it, I think. Just wanted to keep you guys updated.