Friday, June 21, 2013

Commissions open


Commissions are open again.
Prices will be around 200€ for a new animation. More information can be found in the "Commissions" page above.


  1. (*Looks in empty wallet, Screams Up at the Heavens*) "Whyyyyy?!"

  2. I think you have it all wrong. FIrstly, you arent much of an artist, which you know since you obviously had to steal copywritten materials, use premade (and not by you) animations, and simply translate the animation with adope to a gif of any number of frames you choose. While your work looks nice, the problem isnt the fact that none of the work except for the camera angle is yours and some very minor editing, its the fact you are charging 200$ for labor -anyone- can muster with even a petty amount of reading to understand basics.

    Its not that you are over charging, it is that you are charging at all. Now, mind you, what you do on your own is your business, but Blizzard would easily find your profit as an excuse to cause your reputation damage openly, likely revealing your name and local to whatever game magazine/forum/webzine/blog when they brag about cracking down on botters, cheaters, hacks, exploters, or people that third party rip their game which they have publicly sued in the past.

    You putting your google address, which IS accessable legally is probably a bad idea as well.

    Now, Im not saying pro-bono, but you need to charge for labor alone, since you cant charge for the content at all. As a graphic illustrator of fifteen years, it is safe to say labor of this sort is valued at about 10€ an hour for work, tops. Which would mean you are saying about an hours worth of work is 200€?

    Good luck on you, and dont get sued.

    1. Hi,

      I very much appreciate criticism, which is a rare enough thing to find around here, sadly.
      Your post however, is riddled with false assumptions and questionable "facts", making it hard for me to believe that you know what you are talking about.
      Sorry, if the following sounds like a rant or does you unjustice, but if it does, you should have picked a better wording or backed up your claims with some proof.

      First of all, I don't call myself an artist. Nowhere In my blog or in my thread at Darknest do I mention the words "art" or "artist", which is not just a lucky coincidence. I don't kid myself, my work is what it is: porn.
      In conversations I may have used these words a few times for lack of better ones. I mean nothing by it. English is not my first language, so I don't always take the time or know how to rephrase every inaccuracy.

      Which of my animations are premade exactly? Except for some background animation, like the onlookers in this one this one or the waterfall in this one, every animation is completely made from scratch by me.
      You can't accuse me of stealing game assets, because I don't claim any ownership and make no secret of using them.

      As a graphic illustrator with fifteen years of experience you really should know better than what you claim next.
      "Minor editing", really? Do you have any idea what the original models looked like? Or how 3D animation works? Are you saying that I use "Adope" to make my animations? I'll just assume that this was a typo, but still: Adobe is a company, not a program. And to my knowledge they don't have any sophisticated 3D modeling, animation and rendering package.
      Anyway, if making 3D animations like that really is just a matter of hours and it can be done by everyone with "even a petty amount ot reading", how come not everyone is doing it? As can be seen on the right hand side of my blog, there are already at least six people interested in commissioning me, after only one week of reopening commissions. People are definitely interested, so why am I apparently the only one, doing what I do, if this is so damn lucrative, as you say?
      3D animating is not my trade. I do this in my free time as a hobby. There is absolutely no doubt that a professional could do this kind of work in a fraction of the time, I need. Still, even they won't get it done in only one hour.

      I am charging for the labor, not the models, but I understand that this is sort of a legal gray area. My work is freely accessible though and I don't have a constant income from ad revenues or anything. If Blizzard or any other company, whose copyright I may have violated, wrote me and asked to taky my stuff down, I'd do it. I'm sure they aren't blind to the community which has grown around game-porn ... I assume they simply tolerate it. Anyway, I'm just a small fish. Other people have made a business out of this and probably earn enough through copyright violation to make a living.

      To wrap this up:
      You claim one thing, I claim another. If you are so convinced about the things you say, prove it! Take an hour of your time and animate something that matches the quality and length of my Alexstrasza animation or newer. Include a full "making of" video of the entire process, starting from importing the original character meshes into your 3D program, making "minor edits" to mesh and textures, building a rig, skinning the meshes, building the scene, animating, complete with secondary motions and stuff, rendering and compositing. Do that and I'll pay YOU! Easiest 200 bucks you've ever earned.

    2. this reply is as sexy as your animations =p

    3. fuck the haters ellowas, keep up your amazing work, you deserve money for it

  3. Heya there. i do have a minor request but not a commission a such. those high detailed renders of alextraza, night elf, sylvanas and ysera, have you thought about re-releaseing them with full audio too ?