Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moving on!

Okay, so this one was probably the most complex scene I ever worked on. It took way much longer than anticipated, but on the brightside showed me some issues with my models, rigs and workflow, I need to work on. Anywho, it's finally finished and I can move on to the next commission. Unfortunately, that one's going to be private, so I can't share it once it's finished, sorry :|

Yamie - Commissioned by Faye

You can download it here or here!


  1. My brother, your a GOD DAMN GENIUS =D. dont suppose you plan to add any audio at some point, it so needs it. pretty please hehe

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  2. Your work continues to become more and more awe inspiring and matched only by the work of the best Pixar/Dreamworks animators. This Yamie piece has such an incredible cinematic quality, detailed character models, physics, cloth reaction to movement, and all of this reacting in kind to the light and shadows.

    It's just downright jaw dropping. While I know you couldn't submit this to the aforementioned Pixar or Dreamworks in a portfolio (or other appropriate professional animation term) I know even they'd be impressed (^.^)

    I'll admit though, it always breaks my heart when I know we won't be able to see one of your animation. However, at the same time, I kind of understand. Your work is just *that* brilliant. Some people who can afford it don't want to share it. They want to savor it for just themselves.


    ty very much Ellowas... I hope more people follow your example as an artist... keep it up!

  4. Wow, this one was amazing. You're doing really great Ellowas.

  5. Nice job dude. You are by far, the best at art!

  6. You need to make a movie with all of this, or at least one with Elizabeth.
    Really good job, Ellowas :D