Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't pity the fool!

Hello everyone!

Thought I'd let you guys know about what I've been up to lately.
Well first of all, I've been watching and reading tons of stuff about 3D Studio Max and learned a great deal of new tricks. Had a few setbacks here and there, but overall I'm making good progress. While I'm at it, I'll also look into different ways of animating the face.

Aaanyway, while finishing up the bloodelf model, I spent some time thinking about how I could take my clips to the next level. Because why stop at overhauling my rigs? Long story short, I decided to let go of my no futa attitude. To reflect that change of attitude, I adjusted the model accordingly.

Still needs a bit more dicks, I think.


  1. You have created a perfect creature, Ellowas. If she can see out of those things and move them around like something out of my nightmares, that would imply she no longer has 20/20 would be 360!

    *slaps knee* I kill myself!

    No, but seriously, that's creepy as hell. I'm sure though someone, somewhere is grabbing the lube and Kleenex. God bless the internet.

    On a truly serious note, it's exciting to know you've been delving deeper into your weapon of choice. I know we'll be seeing the epic fruits of your labor from your wayward journey into Studio, and those fruits will yield better juices better even than this Blood Elf's copious coinpurse. Exciting times!

    1. How do you come up with posts like that? ^^"

      This prank (yes folks, it was a prank) was just a very spontaneous idea. Maybe next year I'll come up with something bigger ... figuratively speaking.

  2. I think Ellowas You just "fucked up" beautiful Blood Elf with this dicks ;/ for me it is shame that You make this :P anyway waiting for Your great job.

  3. loooool

    I think the title is perfect

  4. Whether it's futa or not, your works are still one of the best among 3D animations, and I'm damn sure about this.

  5. Bahahaha.

    Definitely not enough dicks. I think you should replace her fingers with them too.

  6. How about making a game with UDK like Auril ( did? That would be the next step, your animations are better and should be put together in a game - how do you like that? & pls don't fall in that futa insanity...