Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Futa be gone!

Good day!

I'm pretty much finished with my new rig and now started skinning the bloodelf model. It looks like I got the bone placement and model topology right, so things are coming together pretty well and fast so far.

Here's a quick look at the breast-setup and how it works. The jiggle amount isn't final though and probably will have to be adjusted for each scene individually.

Note the purple box right in the center of the screen, which is my reference spring. There are also purple arrows pointing in four directions - these are gravity helpers. Depending on the direction and distance the reference spring moves, it activates and controls the strength of various gravity helpers, which only affect the springs in the breasts. The entire thing is automated and that's how the breasts move a bit more naturally, rather then strictly following the character's direction of movement.


  1. Good to hear some news, waiting to see how you will exploits those physics ;)

  2. Hell of a job, i <3 how physics already works :3 w8ing for some sex scene with this :D. Also a question will u make a Draenei female? <3.

  3. It's fascinating to see your "behind the scenes" stuff...reminds me of a rig I created awhile back when I was fiddling with Blender and trying to incorporate jiggle, as well. It's great to know I may have been going the right direction!

    I would love it if you posted more of this kinda stuff...hell, why not tutorials of how you did some of it? It's almost impossible to find tutorials on how to do proper jiggle without getting snickers and giggles from other forum members on other sites.

    Keep up the fantastic work, Ellowas!

  4. Hope to see your new awesome work soon!!

  5. Good job!!! Hope to see some doggy style action!